Halloween brings a lot of excitement along with strange costumes, amazing Halloween-themed food, and plenty of colorful decorations to explore. However, for a dessert lover, the most wonderful part of this festival has to be the Halloween-themed pies and inspirational ideas.

As the holiday comes during pie season when the fresh and amazingly mouthwatering ingredients of fall are available, it can be easily associated with the delectable pastry. Many bakers have created their own iterations of Halloween pies, both sweet and savory.

Taking their cues from horror cinema and other eerie elements associated with this holiday, here are some of the most gorgeous Halloween pie ideas that are spooky, funny, and evoke the Halloween spirit.

Self-taught baker Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin has been creating Halloween-themed pies for a while now and they are so adorable. Here is a Halloween Town carousel from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’.

Image: Instagram @thepieous

This spooky still of Jack Torrance trying to get through a splintered door to kill his son Danny is one of the best horror pie inspirations.

Image: Instagram @thepieous

Maleficent in all her glory dares you to try this gorgeously delicious pie.

Image: Instagram @thepieous

This Dias de Los Muertos pie is the embodiment of the Spanish celebration of Halloween.

Image: Instagram @thepieous

Jack and Sally from ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ may serve as the perfect Halloween pie inspiration this year.

Image: Instagram @thepieous

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Jo-Anna of A Pretty Life in the Suburbs has created this Scream mask pie that makes for a strong candidate on your dinner table.

Image: A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

Can’t guarantee spooky, but this ghost cutout crust over pumpkin filling is just too cute.

Image: A Pretty Life in the Suburbs

You absolutely have to make this Pennywise Pumpkin Pie if you love Stephen King.

Image: Instagram@momdaysofsummer

Pillsbury Kitchens brings delectable pies with the goodness of fall fruits combined with aromatic flavors.

Image: Pillsbury

Try this Jack-O-Lantern pumpkin pie this Halloween and give your guests a slight fright.

Image: Pillsbury

This spinach pie with ghost cutouts on top is a gentle reminder that Halloween is here.

Image: Pillsbury

These Jack-O’-Lantern hand pies are amazing as they can be had for a meal or snack while trick-or-treating.

Image: My Nourished Home

These cherry-filled mummy hand pies will spook the guest while keeping tummies full.

Image: Bake Me Some Sugar

The vegetarian spider pie from Tesco looks so delectable and evokes the eerie vibe of the Day of the Dead.

Image: Tesco

La Cucina di Greg aka Greg’s Kitchen created this savory mummy pot pie that employs hard-boiled eggs to make googly eggs.

Image: Instagram @lacucinadigreg

This skull and Jack-o’-lantern blend on this pie crust is absolutely delicious and spooky for sure.

Image: Instagram @thepieous

Here is a Rhubarb pie with marzipan maggots that looks straight out of a horror scene.

Image: Instagram @fiona.hugues

The simplest yet effective, Boo has been a cute little reminder of Halloween’s arrival. Make this beautiful pie a centerpiece of your lavish dinner.

Image: Instagram @kristensellentin

This pumpkin pie with chocolate crust is adorned with cute Halloween-themed sugar cookies.

Image: Instagram @sannezoet

This spooky Jack-o’-lantern pie crust is simply too good to eat. Make one for yourself at home.

Image: Instagram @paolacollin

Call the Ghostbusters as this chocolate pie seems to be haunted by meringue ghosts.

Image: Instagram @ramekinwarrior

Try this ‘No Spiders in Here’ apple pie this Halloween season.

Image: Instagram @thatrealtor.tina

This Evil Queen apple pie is rather fitting for the spooky theme.

Image: Instagram @sybkirby

Filled with mouthwatering fruits, this mummy pie is out of this world. Give it a whirl.

Image: Instagram @lisamakespie

Make an Ouija board pie and invite some spirit to hang with you on the Day of the Dead.

Image: Instagram @kathryn_lb

These googly-eyed mummy pies are filled with the goodness of berries.

Image: Instagram @piebetes_for_t1d

This one is for all the Dungeons & Dragons fans out there. Get inspired, and bake a pie.

Image: Instagram @kathryn_lb

A scary witch on cheesecake inside the pumpkin pie is evoking the holiday spirits in full swing.

Image: Instagram @instamerrill.foodart

Try making this graveyard pie decked up with a skeleton and dirt pudding for Halloween.

Image: Eat Move Make

This cute blueberry pie inspiration is a must-have at your Halloween dinner party.

Image: Instagram @colleenspieshop

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