Hamster-styled Treadmill

This hamster-styled treadmill cleans your clothes while you run

Imagine a treadmill at your home that not only helps you to burn excessive calories, but also doubles up as a washing machine. Sounds impractical? Well, South Korean designer Si Hyeong Ryu has already made this a reality in from a huge hamster-styled treadmill that helps in cleaning your clothes while you workout on it. This huge wheel boasts a built-in washing machine that utilizes kinetic energy harnessed as you run on its treadmill, for washing clothes.

The designer’s innovative creation is beneficial for saving water and time while washing due to installed canisters with washing balls, which further helps in reduction of electricity cost. It will cut down your electric costs because it doesn’t require electric power to function; it only runs on the kinetic energy produced from the human motion like a tiny hamster to power built-in washers for churning water and washing clothes.

Hamster-styled Treadmill

Other than that, solar panels could be attached to this wheel for absorbing power from daylight, if treadmill is not in use that makes it more convenient to use without any human presence. In case the energy is not fully utilized then the wheel saves it for future use. To make this giant wheel a bit more interesting, a flexible display is installed in its inner side for a better workout experience while watching your favorite movie or music video.

It was actually designed for this year’s Electrolux Design Lab competition, the theme of which was ‘The Home of Tomorrow’. Ryu’s brilliant design truly represents the given theme of the competition as in future this combined facility of gym and laundry will be quite beneficial. Ryu’s amazing design shows that an innovative thinking could lead any designer to even combine completely unrelated products for future benefits.

Source: ElectroluxDesignLab

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