MappleApple knitted fruits and veggies

These Hand-Knitted Fruits & Veggies Look Like the Real Thing

Making kids enjoy veggies is one tiring task, but Latvia–based MappleApple, a mom and daughter duo has cleverly replicated fresh produce of fruits and veggies into toys with the help of wool and acrylic yarn. Designed as a series of playful replicas, the collection of knitted foodstuff includes chili, lemon, pumpkin, radish, beetroot, garlic, and potatoes.

Real vegetables transformed into child-safe play food and home decor, it beautifully captures the radiance, vibrancy, and hues of each fresh produce. Hand-knitted to be toddler-safe, the knitted fruits and veggies also provide an alternative to plastic and wooden toys.

Knitted with roots, the veggies also gives an impression of being freshly plucked from the ground and can be used to hang from the end. The brightly colored knit promisingly gives the impression of being real and can easily confuse anyone.

So, if you want to say bye to plastic accessories, the complete collection is available on MappleApple’s Etsy Shop.

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