Kango Suzuki Plock Clock

Handcrafted Plock timepiece writes time on a magnetic board

While there are plenty of computerized timepieces that can display accurate time digitally, Kango Suzuki– art student at the Tohoku University of Art and Design, has created the most unusual clock that literally writes down the time. Dubbed Plock, the beautiful mechanical device is made from nearly 407 moving wooden pieces, which are able to write the time rather than displaying it.

The machine jots down accurate time every minute by minute. Time is written by four magnetic stylus pens on a magnetic drawing board. With every passing minute, the machine comes to life and etches time onto the magnetic board.

Soon after minute turns over, the clock wipes away the display and replaces it with the updated time. Kango has handcrafted every single one of the wooden pieces and it took him about six months to complete the construction of this stunning clock design.

The clock movement of the ‘Plock’ is intricate and precise. It seems like a Rube Goldberg Machine in clock-form. It’s really a striking way to display time in the most unusual manner. The designer’s work is absolutely commendable and worth the appreciation- as he has been able to create the extraordinary clock design with mechanical movements.

Kango’s fantastic clock is not for sale, it was designs as a project for his thesis. It was also display at the Tohoku University of Art and Design campus from February 9 – February 14, 2016.

Kango Suzuki Plock Clock

It is made from 407 moving wooden pieces

Kango Suzuki Plock Clock

The mechanical clock writes time on a magnetic board

Via: Spoon-Tamago

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