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Handmade Clayola pots can water your plants for up to one month

Busy homeowners who travel a lot understand the pain of seeing their plants dying after they return from a long holiday. Even asking your neighbors or friends to water your plants is not a reliable solution. But the Clayola pots, handmade in Egypt, are designed to provide perfect amount of water to your plants up to one month, when you’re away.

The 3-by-5-inch clay pots use gravity to provide water to your plants each day – that too without the need of electricity. These water pods are hooked up to a five-gallon bottle of water that can sustain up to six plants for a month, claims the founder Rami Halim.

For using Clayola, you simply need to insert the tapered pod into your plant and connect it to a water source via a small pipe. The water source should be placed slightly higher than the planter, so gravity can work its magic. The porous clay vessel acts like a sponge to slowly release a small amount of water into the soil, whenever it starts drying up.

To maintain the perfect moisture level in the soil, Clayola provides water just enough to nourish the plant without over-watering. Hence, it is the best plant sitter you could ask for. A package of six pods will cost you around $30, plus shipping charges. You can order these clay pots through the company’s Facebook page.

You need to insert the clay pot in the soil for watering your plants

Place the water reservoir slightly above the ground to let gravity work its magic

The planter can water plants up to one month

A package consists of six clay pots

Via: Inhabitat

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