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Handmade crochet rug Paola Lenti

Handmade Crochet rugs available in customizable size and color

Handmade crochet rug Paola Lenti

We’ve seen interactive rugs and wooden ones that fold. Taking us back in time with a touch modernity is the Crochet rug. The Crochet rug with floral patterns is designed in collaboration by Patricia Urquiola and Eliana Gerotto. Handmade with rope round braid, the Crochet rug is hand sewn to create a synthetic support net for harsh use at home or outdoors. The rug can be made in one solid color, or can be made in a combination of colors in any customizable size up to a maximum of 8 sq meters.

High Tech Crochet rugs are advised against being used in areas of high traffic, just because of their expansive hand work and precise design. Made of high quality Paola Lenti signature yarns, with Aquatech and Rope, these High Tech rugs are good to be used in outdoors environment. The use of Aquatech and Rope gives the rug amazing color options which makes it vivid alternative for home and outside.

Via: ArchiProducts

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