Handmade Riff Raff kitchen island carries mid-century aesthetic

To maximize space in a small home, Wake the Tree Furniture Co. has created a compact Riff Raff Kitchen Island that boasts mid-century aesthetic. It would be an excellent addition to any limited-space apartment with a small kitchen.

Rather than taking up a whole room, this tiny kitchen island can be placed against a wall to make the most of available space. Although it is small to fit into tiny apartments, but it also has ample space to store your kitchen utensils, as well as cook books.

The basic framework of the wooden island is made from locally sourced black walnut. For adding a vibrant touch to its simple wooden design, the creators have added bright powder-coated metal peg boards on either side. The yellow metal not only give contrasting appeal to its design, but also serves as a part of the island to hide utensils. Plus, it also acts as a backdrop to hang few kitchen items.

Each piece is made-to-order and can be customized as per the customers’ preferences. Besides adding a bright hue into your tiny kitchen space, this old-fashioned kitchen island will utilize minimum space and provide maximum value to the homeowner. Price at $2,880, the minimalist kitchen island is available for purchase on company’s website.


Riff Raff kitchen island by Wake the Tree Furniture Co.


Metal pegboard acts as backdrop to hang kitchen items


It is made from locally-sourced black walnut


Kitchen island has ample storage space

Via: Design-Milk

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