Hands Free Door Opener

Handsfree Door Opener Lets You Open the Door With Your Forearm

The pandemic prompted us to tinker our brain cells and think of alternatives to avoid human contact (direct or indirect) as much as possible. Well, most of us are now vaccinated, but the risk of getting infected from any new variants still remains very much a possibility. To our best, we can take precautions and avoid direct contact or physical touch. With fear dwelled in our psyche, it is indeed an opportunity for manufacturing brands to leave mankind with a rash of pandemic-based accessories and items of daily use.

Leveraging on the opportunity, a Handsfree Door Handle Lever Opener is invented by MYT Wares, a Brooklyn-based manufacturer. The item acts as a doorknob and is specifically designed to open a door with ease, without using hands. It is basically a mechanical device that requires no door handle and allows you to open a door with the forearm.

Now, this is a totally personal opinion, with no offense to anyone. I am of the firm view that there are two kinds of product designs; one that makes sense and the other that creates a sensation. The Handsfree Door Handle Lever Opener might just be the latter.

Moving on to the design, the door handle comes fully assembled and is easy to install. A shroud shields both spring and shafts, making the device easy to blend with the environment.

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I am not a critic of design nor a designer myself to whack the product design and since it has bagged the Good Design Award 2021, I’d rather stay away from any controversy. Anyhow, the item looks sleek and stylish, and since we are moving in the direction of touchless technologies, it might just come in handy. Available for $150, you can get this door device at MYT Wares.

Hands Free Door Opener_2

Image: MYT Wares

Hands Free Door Opener_1

Image: MYT Wares

Hands Free Door Opener_3

Image: MYT Wares

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