Hang table

Hang Table: a suspended desk that doubles as a hanger

Hang table

Double duty furniture has always been a space saving solution for people living in small dwellings or tiny homes. The Hang Table being discussed here is one of such space saving alternatives that also performs a dual function. Unlike conventional tables, the Hang Table is  suspended from the ceiling, thus eliminating  the requirement of legs for the flat surface to sit on. Instead, the table employs a system of pulleys and counterweight due to which the table can also be used as a hanger. This dual purpose table is a wonderful space saving unit for those living in a small room in a hostel, tiny hotel rooms or even in a studio apartment.

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You just need to pull down the wooden board to use it as a desk and when not in use just pull down the counter weight passing through the hole in the middle of the wooden surface to use it as a stable coat-hanger. This clever design was built by the students and designers of the Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand namely Ella Bates-Hermans, Abraham Hollingsworth, Caitlin Pilcher and Zach Holmes.

Hang table

Via: Themag

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