Chinese Designer Comes up with Blind Cooking Tools

Designer Makes Cooking Tools For the Independence of Visually Impaired

Haptics of Cooking is a series of kitchen tools designed with an experience of touch to assist visually impaired people in cooking food on their own. A normal person might find these tools unusable; however, they seek to improve the independence of the blind.

Designed by Netherlands-based Studio Boey, these cooking tools promote haptic flexibility. They aim to make it possible to overcome the fear of not seeing and spending more time in kitchen space –which is usually considered dangerous for the visually challenged.

The design of Haptics of Cooking is mainly focused on three components: cutting, measuring and boiling. For this, the designer has come up with four different kitchen tools that follow the haptic point of view.

There is a wooden cutting board with a groove on its end to collect the chopped food items. A gap at the bottom makes a convenient place to tuck the knife out of the way.

The second creation is a stainless steel knife. It is short and compact, with a length of just 18cm, the knife is easy to hold, well balanced in weight, and allows the user to cut food while also staying in control.

There is also a pot lid made from sauna wood in the collection. It heats slowly and remains comfortable to touch. The shape is concave and also allows food to be placed onto it.

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Lastly, the collection includes a tactile measuring cup with holes. The user needs to block the holes with fingers and when the liquid volume reaches a hole, the user can feel the water level on the finger.

The designer Boey Bo Wang has collaborated with blind designer Simon Dogger to improve the ‘Haptic Aesthetics’ of the collection.

You will like to know that the Haptics of Cooking won the iF Design Talent Award 2021 and is also the national winner of the James Dyson Award Australia.

Chinese Designer Comes up with Blind Cooking Tools

Image: Studio Boey

Chinese Designer Comes up with Blind Cooking Tools

Image: Studio Boey

Chinese Designer Comes up with Blind Cooking Tools

Image: Studio Boey

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