Harmless radioactive chandeliers made using uranium glass beads

We’ve seen plethora of chandeliers in our time, and we’ve been fascinated to the core with some of them not only because they are items of luxury but because they are embodiment of exquisite beauty and design. Now, with a purpose to conjure up reminiscence with beauty for the purpose of consumerism, Australia-based artists Ken + Julia Yonetani have designed 29 chandeliers, all made from glowing uranium glass beads in response to the Fukushima nuclear disaster in 2011. Each of their chandeliers would represent a country with nuclear power, with size of the chandelier depending on the nuclear capacity of the country.

The designers inform that chandeliers with ultraviolet light will emit harmless nuclear radiations which will keep people reminded of the inherent dangers of radiations. I am not sure how many of us would actually be elated to take home a chandelier representing our country, but for the sake of you all who are thrilled by the concept, the uranium glass bead chandeliers will be on display from October 3 through November 4 at Artereal Gallery in Sydney, Australia.

Via: Spoon&Tamago

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