Harow Iceberg stool cum side table for environment conscious people

We humans are having a significant impact on the environment owning to our relentless use of damaging chemicals and resources that disturb the balance of nature. As a result icebergs are melting, and overall temperatures are also increasing gradually. Well, that’s an issue which has made most of us play our part in doing damage control. To freeze the magnificence of arctic landscape in time and fuel the environmentally-friendly drive, Harow has represented it in a piece of furniture which is unique.

The French design studio focuses on the visual appeal of for pleasurable viewing, and this stool that doubles as side table also reflects their design aesthetics. Iceberg stool and side table is a furniture for modern homes which are themed on self-sustainability and eco-friendly living. The design studio has achieved a perfect look with artistic use of resin to represent the depth.

This cool blue and white themed stool and side table is going to be available in limited numbers only. To be precise, only 100 pieces are going to be sold. Made from fiber glass and epoxy resin, the furniture item measures 55 cm x 45 cm x 45 cm and weighs 40 kg in total.

There is no word yet on the pricing or availability of the Iceberg stool, but Harow is expected to release the details soon.

Harow Iceberg Stool and Side Table

Made from fiber glass material

Harow Iceberg Stool and Side Table_1

The detailed resin paint gives it depth

Ideal for modern homes

Ideal for modern homes

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