haunted house in Belarus

Haunted House in Belarus Scaring the Hell Out of the Whole Neighborhood

Halloween provides a wonderful opportunity to turn your ordinary run-of-the-mill house into a haunted hut, but some people love this festival so much that they permanently design their home in Halloween theme. If you don’t believe, look at this most haunted house in the town of Ratomka, which is just five kilometers drive away from the city of Belarus.

It takes big heart to live 24×7 in a house that can scare the shit out of people with its scary design theme. Well, the owner of the dwelling is a businessman; rarely visits this house. He started building the spooky house a decade ago, but stopped working on it due to his business work. He came back two years ago and completed the design, which is so scary to witness, and it is frightening the whole neighborhood since then.

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The pictures of the haunted house are buzzing the internet, but people are finding them attractive and praising the owner for the heroic design. Creepy ghost’s hands coming out of the stone walls, frightening devil sculptures on the roof and numbers of black skulls across the dome structure are enough to pump up anyone’s adrenaline, especially during the dark hours.

Admiring pictures is another thing, but people who live in the vicinity are not liking the fact that the house is scaring them and their children even during daytime. During nights the horror around it is way too real and scaring the local children a bit too much, and that’s the reason some of the neighbors even filed complaints about the property to local authorities.

Well, up till now no action has been taken by local authorities, but the house and its scary appeal are inspiring many to give the same kind of treatment to their homes for the coming Halloween.

The scariest house in Belarus

The scariest house in Belarus

Black skulls around the dome in Belarus

Black skulls around the dome

Most haunted house in Belarus

These skulls can scare the shit out of you

Haunted house

Creepy ghost’s hands coming out of the stone walls

Frightening devil sculptures in Haunted house Belarus

Frightening devil sculptures

Haunted house Belarus

People live in vicinity filed complaints about the property that it scaring them 

Black devil's sculpture in Haunted house Belarus

Black devil’s sculpture

Devil sculptures in haunted house Belarus

Devil sculptures looks terrifying during night time

Haunted house in Belarus Scaring the local children

Scaring the local children a bit too much

Pictures of the Haunted house in Belarus

Pictures of the house are buzzing the internet

Devil sculptures look horrifying in Haunted house Belarus

Devil sculptures look horrifying even during day times

Creepy black hands Haunted house in Belarus

Creepy black hands on the wall

Haunted house in Belarus

People avoid walking past the haunted house

Haunted house scary appeal

House’s scary appeal are inspiring many people for this year’s Halloween

Ghost's hand sculptures in Haunted house Belarus

Ghost’s hand sculptures

Scariest house in Belarus

Scariest house in Belarus

Credit: Designyoutrust/TUT.BY

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