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Roaming Robot Beds

Hayward Gallery exhibition to replace traditional tours with robotic beds

Engineer-turned-artist Carsten Holler wants to change perception of visitor tours in art gallery with roaming robotic beds. These mobile robot beds will be showcased at the Hayward Gallery exhibition (10th June – 6 September) in London’s Southbank Centre. Here, visitors will be allowed to experience gallery tour in a totally different way.

Two people can book for an overnight stay to bed down on these moving rest platforms, taking you for entire gallery tour like never before. These beds will move slowly around the available space at speeds of less than a meter per minute. Built-in laser technology will further let the beds search floor space, while avoiding any obstacles.

Moreover, radio beacons integrated in the ceiling of this gallery allow one bed to determine movement of the other so that they can move together. It’s indeed the coolest way to enjoy art exhibition without leaving comfort of your bed. Besides these stunning mobile beds, the exhibition will offer many other exciting amusements as well.

In daytime, people will be offered different entrance options. They will be invited to consume a pill with unknown contents; however it depends on the person to have it or not. Other than that, 15-meter high isometric slides suspended from rooftop, flying machine and fun mirrors will be present for entertainment. If you happen to be in the city during aforementioned duration, then don’t miss this unusual exhibition.

Roaming Robot Beds

15-meter high isometric slides suspended from rooftop

Via: TheGuardian

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