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Hearth outdoor lounge concept transforms into a shape you want

Many times we desire sitting outside under the stars or of just sitting and bask in the sun. But we have to put of the idea just because most of the outdoor spaces are so uncomfortable to sit in. Luckily De Ferm – Vanderhenst has created something where you could just live out your desire. The De Ferm – Vanderhenst designed Hearth is an outdoor lounge concept conceived for the Woodstock Design Contest in Paris. Made in three different woods to fit perfectly with nature and urban landscapes, the Hearth is customizable seating unit that can be organized in different ways to offer users with endless variation possibilities.

For its basic structure the Hearth concept will use oak – a strong type of wood that lives the test of time and tide very nicely in any outdoor environment. Hearth which made it to the final of the Woodstock design competition has the oak wood in its natural color and appearance so that the Hearth retains the raw shape and structure of the wood.

Via: ProductPage

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