Ceramic Brick

Heat disseminating ceramic bricks designed to keep a house cool

Colombian designers and architects Miguel Niño and Johanna Navarro have created an innovative ceramic brick that will provide more comfortable and sustainable living to people residing in hot climates.

Designed for Sumart Diseño y Arquitectura SAS, a studio that designs and develops sustainable architectural solutions, the highly innovative ceramic brick is considered as the most successful project by the designers. Entitled Bloque Termodisipador (BT), the ceramic block designed with irregular criss-cross section allows ventilation and reduces the amount of heat that enters a building.

Finished by adopting the traditional manufacturing process of fired clay brick; the new bricks briefly known as BT, come with an innovative design of cross section and semi-hollow core. Supporting an unusual shape of rectangle with scalene triangle at one end, the ceramic bricks protect house from solar radiation and transfer of heat.

Angling the scalene triangle side of brick at 114-degrees, the brick reflects sunlight and shades the flat surface beneath, thus limiting the heat transfer into homes. The environmentally responsive bricks have the advantage of reducing noise pollution by breaking the sound waves, while the joint spacer ensures that the same amount of mortar is used every time, thus minimizing waste.

Ceramic Brick

Ceramic brick made by Colombian architects Miguel Niño and Johanna Navarro

Ceramic Brick

Heat dissmenting re-engineered brick

Ceramic Brick

The sound proof and environmentally responsive bricks

Ceramic Brick

Made under project called Ceramic brick porduction

Ceramic Brick

The scalene triangle helps in dispersing the heat and UV radiations

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