Heated wooden towel ladders by DC Short

Heated wooden towel ladders for comfortable after-shower experience

DC Short, New Zealand-based company that supplies innovative towel rails and bathroom accessories, has come up with all-new ladder-shaped towel warmers that bring aesthetic charm to your bathroom space. Marrying style and practicality, the towel ladders are designed to spice up any contemporary bathroom.

The heated wooden towel ladders are tailor-made, and available in standard range or solid hardwood versions that are meant to lean against any wall. The standard range features architectural ply and is available in three different finishes: bleached, charcoal and chocolate. Furthermore, matte polyurethane coating is used for finishing. The horizontal tubing comes in distinct variants such as mirrored polished stainless steel, stain and matte white or black.

On the other hand, the solid hardwood versions are made out of variety of woods such as Wenge, Jarrah, Tasmanian Blackwood and Oregon (not a hardwood, but quite stable). The wooden towel ladders feature only horizontal tubing for heating. However, these ladders are available in both heated and non-heated model types. So, you can select any one of these as per your requirement.

DC Short heated towel ladders are able to dry internally, which means they can heat up quickly without any heat leakage issues. Hence, it will keep you in heat even when you’re out of the shower. You can visit the official website to know more about the stylish tower heaters, and also to bring them home for comfortable after-shower experience.

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