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Heathrow Airport’s Car Park Hotel gives your four-wheeler a royal treatment

While you head for a fun filled weekend, your car sits in the garage or at the airport parking. Doesn’t your car deserve a holiday too? That might sound like a crazy idea, but you’ll be able to park your car at the Car Park Hotel, and give the four-wheeler a five star treatment. This hotel by Good To GO Parking at Heathrow Airport has opened a week’s trial starting 25 July, and aims to offer premium parking services like none other on this planet. Practically speaking, this hotel is for car fanatics who care for their cars as much as their loved ones.

As soon as you park your car in the parking spot at Car Park Hotel, the royal treatment kicks-in. Depending on the type of booking you’ve gone for, the spa therapy for your car sets into motion. There are parking services such as Park & Ride, Meet & Greet and Drop & Ride form which the motorist’s ca choose.

Good To Go Car Park Hotel has room service facility which is all about buffing headlights and refilling washer liquid. Also a deep cleansing regime which will be your car’s manicure and pedicure. You can also give your car a cozy sleep with extra warm car cover. For some extra grooming your car will get a soapy wash for all the tough to get areas. To prepare you for the surprising treatment your car just had, the staff will infuse your car with fragrances you really like.

Royal treatment for your car

Royal treatment for your car

You can go for the Deluxe Junior Suite for ones who want their car to be parked close to the Heathrow airport terminal; The Beachside Paradise for cars that prefer sandy surface to loosen the load off the tires or The Runaway Penthouse which offers breath-taking views of planes taking-off from Heathrow airport.

For the trial period Car Park Hotel will charge £4.33 – £7.33 a day for all the luxury your car will have.

Rejuvenate your four-wheeler like never before

Rejuvenate your four-wheeler like never before

Good To Go Car Park Hotel at Heathrow Airport

Good To Go Car Park Hotel at Heathrow Airport

Via: ThisIsMoney/GetWestLondon

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