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Heavy Duty BBQ Grill

Heavy duty BBQ grill resembles a classic steam engine

Are you completely satisfied with your outdoor barbecue grill? If yes, then think again as this ‘Smoker Steam Train Engine’ BBQ will definitely put all your hi-end grills to shame. The BBQ grill resembles classic steam engine with typical features of a train.

The steam engine is mounted on eight wheels and made from heavy gauge as well as stainless steel, making it a perfect outdoor barbecue train to make foodies happy. Beyond that it includes a steam smoker, a bell, a boiler, a fire box and a valve to release steam pressure. This machine requires coal or wood to ignite fire inside its fire box and has ample space to keep food for grilling.

Design of the BBQ train reminds us of Steampunk BBQ grill in form of a locomotive engine, but this one is quite minimalist machine for any contemporary outdoor space of your dwelling. Smoker Steam Train Engine seems like a real train is about to roll on the rails as soon as you release steam smoke through its valves. This barbecue train even boasts heavy bell that can be ringed to let everyone know the food is ready and train is leaving the station. So, board the barbecue train this fall to calm down your hunger pangs.

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