Heckler TV Stand by Heckler Design

Heckler TV stand is a minimalist media center

Dean Heckler from Heckler design has redefined multimedia furniture with its latest TV stand branded as Heckler TV Stand. This stand gives you the liberty to place your screen anywhere in the house. Since wireless technology is becoming mainstream, there is no need to enclose your television in boxlike enclosures or wall mount them and spend the entire evening viewing the wall while watching TV. The TV stand is made from steel, which is hand-welded for enhanced strength and aesthetics. The stand substantively hubs the TV from back, making it safe and stable to be positioned anywhere in the room.

Gone are the days of big, bulky TVs, the modern TV sets are incredibly slim and look great from all perspectives. With Heckler TV stand, you can position your television in the center of the living room to reveal its appealing look from all angles. A sophisticated vertical arm system equipped with common VESA hole pattern works well with most VESA-compatible televisions.

The stand is designed to hold 55’ 65’ and 75-inch flat screen TVs weighing as much as 100 pounds. Vertical arms with height adjustment feature set your TV at a desirable level for moving watching bliss.

It can be assembled at home; all you have to do is unbox the base, attach the vertical arms to your TV and fix the arms onto the base with safety pins and tighten the screws. And your Heckler TV Stand is ready to function as an aesthetically pleasing multimedia stand with a low center of gravity and strong, steady comprehensive base.

Minimalist design promises minimum space consumption, while the attached cable straps offer clean cable management for an uncluttered appeal. Soft foot pads enable you to relocate your TV without scrabbling the floor. The stand is measured as 38’wide, 46.5’tall, 21.5’deep and 35 pounds weight and comes with a tag price of $499.

Heckler TV Stand by Heckler Design_1

Heckler TV stand places the TV in the center of the room

Heckler TV Stand by Heckler Design_2

Hecklr TV stand in outdoor settings 

Heckler TV Stand by Heckler Design_3

TV stand adds an element of minimalism to living room

Heckler TV Stand by Heckler Design_4

Vertical arms system

Heckler TV Stand by Heckler Design_5

Simple design of the stand

Heckler TV Stand by Heckler Design_6

Heckler TV stand in black shade

Heckler TV Stand by Heckler Design_7

Stable and firm grip of the TV

Heckler TV Stand by Heckler Design_8

Side view of the stand

Heckler TV Stand by Heckler Design_9

Stand reveals the sleek look of the TV

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