Helix Treehouse by Antony Gibbon

Helix is a Treehouse Built Without a Tree

The UK-based architect and designer Antony Gibbon is known for unique furniture and architecture designs inspired by organic forms of nature. Embroyo is one of his cool projects aiming to create a bio-mimicking treehouse clad in cedar shingles that look like tree burl.

After Embroyo, Helix is his another wonderful treehouse concept that’s basically a high towering house covered with a wood rain screen to blend in with the natural surroundings. Quite opposite to most treehouse designs, it doesn’t use a tree to create the accommodation, rather it’s a whole new building erected right next to trees.

Helix is a compact two-story house featuring a lounge, kitchenette and bathroom on the ground floor, and bedroom at the top. There’s a spiraling staircase leading to the different levels of the structure. The whole structure is clad in wood slats to render an appearance of a rain screen which not only provides glimpses to outdoors but also gives Helix its unique identity. 

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Living in a nature-inspired building like this is a real fun as you leave minimum impact on the environment to fulfill your dream to spend some time in the middle of nature. It is an ideal concept for a viewing platform at forested tourist destinations.   

Helix Treehouse by Antony Gibbon

Image: Antony Gibbon Designs

Helix Treehouse by Antony Gibbon

Image: Antony Gibbon Designs

Helix Treehouse by Antony Gibbon

Image: Antony Gibbon Designs

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