Hemp Chair

These Hemp Chairs are Made of Sustainable Material

The world is slowly drifting towards sustainability. Designers and manufacturers from across the globe are also laying focus on creating furniture out of sustainable material. Keeping this in mind, the Dutch company, Plantics, in collaboration with Vepa, has released a collection of eco-friendly chairs made from recyclable bio-resin and hemp fibers.

The collection features Hemp Fine, Hemp High Metal, Hemp Wood chair, and many more with seats made of moldable material derived from hemp.  Matching design, comfort, and affordability make them suitable for both home and office.

Chairs are designed in a way that they can be easily disassembled and reused. Vepa is responsible for design whereas Plantics for developing Bio-resin recyclable material. Plantics claims it to be the first 100% bio-based thermosetting resin in the world. Bio-resin is combined with hemp fiber and used as a raw material for chair seats. Plantics says,

Plants capture CO2 from the air and our resins are also CO2 negative. Our bio-resins are safe and most of our raw materials are available on an industrial scale in Europe.

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Hemp chairs are currently available for purchase only in the Netherlands. However, the company wishes to expand sales internationally.

Hemp Chair

Image: VEPA

Hemp Chair

Image: VEPA

Hemp Chair

Image: VEPA

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