Henk table lamp

Henk table lamp by Jos Blom adds light to your home décor

Henk table lamp

Lamp is not only a mere piece of lighting, it is an even more important item of décor. This is perhaps why we take due care in choosing the best lamp shade. Amsterdam-based artist/designer Jos Blom has introduced the Henk table lamp, which again suggests how essential a table lamp can be. A simple table lamp on the outside, the Henk comprises of a pair of birch ply legs, which attach together to form a tripod base of the lamp shade. The lamp is made from a pair of CNC milled parts which are held together by a rounded blue colored elastic cord. The cord keeps two white shells of the shade connected to the wooden tripod snugly.

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To make the table lamp look more ingenious, it has an area cut out in its leg, which allows the main power cord to be organized, without adding wire clutter on the table. The Henk table lamp emits comfortable white light, and due to its low tech assembly, replacing the bulb in it is an easy job. The lamp also features a big handle on top of it which makes moving it around really easy. Henk is available for €199 (approx. USD275).

Via: DesignMilk

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