HEXI Responsive Wall by Thibaut Sld

Hexi Responsive Wall wobbles and ripples to nearby movements

Creativity is all about brining aesthetically pleasing objects into your life, just like this interactive wall decor. Designed by Canada-based artist Thibault Sld., the Hexi Responsive Wall is created to react as per the movements of nearby passerby.

It consists of a series of 60 wall-mounted PVC and aluminum panels, which collect real-time data with motion-tracking technology to decode and interpret gestures made by people moving near it. The depth-sensing cameras are incorporated within the system to analyze and discrete instructions that are further sent to each of the motor-controlled modules. Moreover, additional modules can also be added for a larger effect.

The decorative wall creates mesmerizing ripples as a person walks past or perform more abstract movements, which further forms a wavy design for any interior. The moving wall seems like a creative effect coming straight out of a science fiction film, mesmerizing waves of kinetic flow materialize in a rippling unison.

Check out how the wall reacts to the gestures of a man in the video given below.

HEXI Responsive Wall by Thibaut Sld

Jumping near it induces waves of motion

HEXI Responsive Wall by Thibaut Sld

It is a great decorative piece of art for any home interior

HEXI Responsive Wall by Thibaut Sld

It consists of a series of 60 wall-mounted PVC and aluminum panels

Via: Designboom

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