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Real-life hobbit home

Hobbit-themed home lets you live your ‘Lord of the Rings’ luxury dreams

If you fantasy living in your own Lord of the Rings world, you must have a look at this realistic hobbit home that seems to be coming straight out of the iconic film series. Built in 1975, this eco-friendly home situated in Underhill, Woodhead Road, Holme was designed by Arthur Quarmby, president of the British Earth Sheltering Association.

For 41 years, the home has remained a staple of the Quarmby family but recently has been sold STC for whopping £700,000 (approx. US $920,122). The home includes a typical Hobbit-themed round entryway that takes you inside through the residence’s sliding wooden front door. On entering inside, you can see a grand entrance hall, which is one part of the large 4,000-square-feet home.

Interior of the home includes all luxury amenities for a comfortable stay. It possesses four bedrooms, stone-clad family recreation area and heated swimming pool. Another highlighting feature of the home is its cozy fireplace room called ‘The Cave.’ The fireplace room boasts stone walls and wooden furnishing to complement its interior decor.

In addition, there is a music room and a large, modern fully-equipped kitchen. The main living area and seating section of the house has large glass walls, offering stunning view of the grass-filled landscape. On the other hand bedrooms and kitchen area have small windows for ventilation.

Probably, the potential residents of the hobbit home are avid LOTR fanatics or possibly looking for a cool weekend getaway to escape the world. Find out more about the gorgeous hobbit-styled home on rightmove.

Real-life hobbit home

Hobbit-themed house

Real-life hobbit home

Sliding front door

Real-life hobbit home

Open space living area

Real-life hobbit home

Heated swimming pool

Real-life hobbit home

Cozy bedroom with a small window

Real-life hobbit home

Modern kitchen along with a small dining area

Real-life hobbit home

Fireplace room called The Cave

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