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Home improvements to consider before moving into new home

Buying a new home and then moving into it is one of the most pleasant experiences. However, to make this experience even more delightful and unforgettable, one needs to do certain things correct. Here are some home improvement ideas one must consider before finally moving into a new home.

Change the locks

Just as people desire and give importance to easy and stress-free move, they should be concerned about their home’s safety as well. Before moving into a new home, one must change the locks of exterior doors. As locks have gone smarter than ever before, it’s in your best interest to consider installing smart locks, which you would easily find in a store near you. Schlage Sense, Yale Assure, and Kwikset Kevo are some of the best options you can lay your hands on to ensuring hassle-free installation and ease of use.   

Change air filters

The house you are about to move in may be equipped with a number of filters, which the previous owners had been using for a long time. This means, air filters and vent filters in your new home could be clogged. Therefore, before you move in, make sure you get all those filters cleaned or replaced if required.

Check and fix plumbing leaks

Plumbing leaks are a serious threat to the property since they leave a damaging impact. While dripping faucet is an obvious plumbing leak, there are many other hidden plumbing leaks as well. Therefore, you need to check and find out all the plumbing issues, so that you get them repaired before stepping in to your new home. Smart faucets, with finer controls, user-friendly settings, amazing water efficiency, and ultra-hygienic capabilities, could make for worthy replacements.

Technology update

In addition to hiring cheap long distance movers to save money, updating home technology is another effective way to enhance savings and convenience altogether. You can incorporate a plethora of new technologies in your new home to make it energy efficient and comfortable. You’ll find numerous home automation solutions available to make your new abode smarter. Consider installing smart outlets, such as WeMo Switch, Ankuoo NEO, and SmartThings SmartPower Outlet, to realize better energy efficiency. Smart Lighting solutions, such as Philips Hue Lightbulb and others, are also smarter alternatives to those outmoded lighting contraptions. With Aeon Labs Multi-Sensor and Staples Connect Hub, you can monitor lighting, temperature, humidity, and motion through your smartphone. If you want to go with other smart devices, you can consider installing IP Webcam or other cellphone surveillance devices.

Clean the house thoroughly

The previous owners either leave the house clean or they don’t. Even if they do, you would certainly want to clean your new home on your own before moving in. By cleaning carpets, cabinets and plumbing fixtures on your own, you can ensure that you’re moving into a spotless house that will be heaven for your family.  

Baby proofing the home

Moving into a new home that is childproof sounds more inviting and relaxing. If you are planning to move into a new home with your small babies, make sure you baby proof the home beforehand. This can be a simple DIY project wherein you will set up baby gates, move toxic products, ensure that windows have locks, make cabinets child proof and more. Baby alarm aka baby monitor is a correct device to ensure better safety to your toddler. Baby monitors are smart enough to listen to the faintest voices of your kid, and accordingly, allow you to attend to them when they need you.

Replace windows

You would certainly be replacing old windows of your new home if they do not match your taste, but you can do the same for enhancing your home’s energy efficiency too. Replace ordinary windows with weather resistant and high efficiency windows, which help prevent cold air from coming in and the warm air from escaping. Now, how about having smart windows at your place? With numerous options available, such as SONTE system, it’s actually a breeze to change the shades of your windows and adjusting its opacity. New energy efficient windows come in a variety of designs and styles. You can pick designs that suit your taste, requirement and your home’s appearance in the best ways possible.

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