Homemade 360-swing by Colin Furze flies all the way around

Crazy British inventor Colin Furze has emerged from his workshop with another insane invention – Homemade 360-swing. Instead of moving back-and-forth like any other swings, the huge DIY ride can go 360-degrees all the way around.

To impress his three-year-old son, Jake, Furze has created this ultimate swing in his backyard. The UK’s only 360-swing is towering 31-feet above the ground, and consists of a 18-feet tall frame and an axle that can spins him around 16-feet 5-inches.

With just 25 kg counter weight, Furze can enjoy a full 360-degrees spin – higher than the house and upside down. This makes the swing even more insane for adults-only thrill ride. Sadly, Jake will have to wait for a few years to give it a try.

You can check out the video below to see how the mad inventor climbs the gigantic ride, ignoring safety harness and straps. Slowly he starts the crazy ride. After a few back-and-forths, Furze takes the 360-swing the whole way round while clasping the central arm with his knees for extra grip.

Without any safety gears, you’d surely not want your kids to ride on it. Even adults with acrophobia must not try this ride.

Also, watch the following videos to see making of this 360-degree homemade swing.

Making a HUGE 360 Swing #1 Chassis

Making a Huge 360 Swing #2 Swing Arm

Image Courtesy: GeoffRobinson

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