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Homemade Strawberry Slushie

Homemade fruit Slushie is a perfect summer drink to enjoy with family

Whenever we talk about summers, there are very few things that always come into our minds i.e. heat, school holidays and family. So to beat the heat this summer, lets try something that is healthy and I can assure you even kids will love it. We all know that healthy drinks and kids are never at same level, but fresh homemade slushie will surely help you in bringing them at same par.

This drink is not only beneficial for health, but also helps to keep kids and notorious family members away from unhealthy fizzy drinks. The best part about making slushie at home is that the whole preparation take maximum five minutes and you get a chance to experiment with taste. However, if you don’t want to take any risk, follow the simple steps given below to help you prepare slushie at home like a pro.

So what to wait for, get your pad and write down the ingredients required for making one glass of fresh fruity slushie:

1 ½ or 2 cups of fresh fruits

1 cup ice (depend upon fruit selection)

½-cup sparkling water

Herbs (for additional flavorings)

Follow the instructions to get the fresh fruity homemade slushie :

  1. Wash fruits and cut into small pieces (better to remove and peel off outer layer of fruits to get smooth flavor). After the fruits are peeled and chopped, measure those to be in exact of 1 ½ or two cup.
  2. Mix the chopped fruits, ice cubes and sparking water in a blender. It is advisable to add flavoring extras like mint and lemon in the blender this time only.
  3. Blend the mixture until the ice is completely crushed and fruits are blended, forming smooth mixture of fruits. If the slushie contains maximum amount of watery fruits like watermelon, then best is to avoid using extra ice cubes, as this will turn slushie into more liquid form.
  4. Now your slushie is ready, so just pour it in the glass, garnish with mint leaves to add aesthetics and enjoy in a sunny day.

I know kids can be choosy, so to pop-up flavors and add some crunch to the fruit slushie, try using these extra flavoring tips:

  • Mint: Best with watermelon and other tropical fruits
  • Lemon: Just add a little of lemon and get the perfect frozen lemonade feel
  • Lime: Works wonder with mango and actually with every fruit
  • Vanilla: Add it to the mango slushie and no wonder your kids will do anything for you.

So to beat the heat, do try this fresh and healthy homemade slushie and enjoy it with friends and family, and do not forget share your experience with us.

Homemade Strawberry Slushie

Cut fruits as per personal requirement

MIx all the ingredients to create a perfect slushie

MIx all the ingredients to create a perfect slushie

Via: TheKitchn

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