Honeywell's Single Zone Thermostat

Honeywell Single Zone Thermostat wirelessly controls home heating

This fall will be really exciting for homeowners- as Honeywell has launched the Single Zone Thermostat, a wireless device to control home heating, using your smartphone. You can control the Single Zone Thermostat using Honeywell’s Total Connect Comfort cloud service through a web browser or via apps compatible with iOS and Android devices.

It is going head to head with other smart thermostats like Nest and Tado, which really impressed us with their smart features back then. But, characteristics of Single Zone will really blow your mind.

The most interesting thing about this thermostat is that it is not tied to any energy supplier, which means you can switch suppliers easily without losing its functionality. Unlike Nest and Tado, Single Zone is wireless that makes its installation quite painless with no messy wires hanging all around your room.

Besides being easy to use, the firm has also promised that their thermostat will help in cutting down electricity bills due to its monitored control system. The control system can adjust heating of your home over the internet with a fully programmable seven day timer to keep check on energy consumption.

It will be available in an affordable price of about £139 (approx. USD $225) by the end of this October. So, we don’t have to wait for too long to see whether Single Zone Thermostat will live up to its promises or not.

Honeywell's Single Zone Thermostat

Wireless thermostat to control home heating

Source: HoneyWell

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