Horizontal Sleep Creates World’s First Biodegradable Bed

Horizontal Button Bed: World’s First Truly Biodegradable Bed

Canadian start-up Horizontal Sleep has been making high-quality organic beds for sound sleep. Built for a lifetime of healthy sleep, the company has introduced a patented sleeping system – Horizontal Button Bed, which is claimed to be the world’s first biodegradable bed.

Formed by Len Laycock – former IKEA marketing manager and environmentalist, Horizontal Sleep has been working to provide a perfect sleeping system to the consumers. According to the company, around 10 billion pounds of mattress/bed waste is discarded every year in the US alone. This new approach to an advanced bedding system is aimed to reduce the waste ending up in landfills.

Horizontal Sleep bed and mattress are 99.8 percent biodegradable, made with replaceable parts, so it can last a lifetime. It uses natural materials such as cotton and wood and is free of petroleum, polymers, plastics, chemicals, coils, and carbon.

The bed frame is made of northern white ash. The interlocking frame is inspired by ancient Japanese joinery. Dual layer of flexible and strong slender hardwood slats forms the suspension system. The quilted wool barrier prevents the moisture transfer, while the two hardy layers of wool repel bedbugs and dust mites.

Different from almost all the other beds, its design is slim, fixated on finest spine alignment, and offers more airflow from below. All materials are thoroughly inspected and are without metal parts. Innovative bedding is fitted with sheets that easily and quickly button in place to hold it in position.

Particularly appealing to eco-conscious consumers, Horizontal Sleep bed has been manufactured after two-and-a-half years of extensive research development and testing. The biodegradable bed’s advanced design addresses the rapid increase in toxic mattresses and bed waste. Its positive impact will significantly reduce exposure to petroleum-based plastic products.

Horizontal Sleep Creates World’s First Biodegradable Bed

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