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‘House in a Suitcase’ Promotes Micro Dwelling

At times, it becomes very difficult to get your favorite pair of trousers to fit into the suitcase while prepping for an expedition away from the busy lifestyle. At this time, all the excitement of the trip is lost in a matter of seconds. The only thing that a struggling person could wish at that point in time is a suitcase that accommodates the required stuff with a minimum of the hassle involved.

However, if we talk about a house in a suitcase concept, the thought that would strike your mind would be; either of the one between us is crazy or the house is in a plaything form. Nonetheless, it is not either of the two and the concept is a reality in itself.

Crazy it might seem but the idea is amazingly brilliant. The small and versatile home (mobile home in a real sense) is invented by Barcelona architects Eva Prats and Ricardo Flores in collaboration with Duch-Pizà. Although, the groundbreaking marvel was not intended in the first place but as they say, it happened.

Both of them were hired by a party to transform a temporary living space of just 27 meters (290 square feet) into a penthouse for an occasional stay but with a minimum of labor and investment. “Minimal” was the word.

The solution is delivered to the owner in the form of two suitcases that could accommodate the whole house. The amazingly compact suitcases house a wealth of furniture and other home items.

Hasn’t life really squeezed into a suitcase? If the answer is no, try purchasing this revolutionary house in a suitcase product and feel the transformation in life.

Via: FairCompanies

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