How to automate your outdoor garden

Everyone loves the idea of a beautiful, blooming garden with all kinds of different plants spread out neatly in the soil. Unfortunately, when you have work and other important things to attend to, the garden can easily drop off the list of priorities. Just how do you keep up a tidy garden and continue with your other household chores as well? The answer could be a simpler one than you think: garden automation. Now technology is really starting to take root in the garden, allowing yours to flourish even when you don’t have much time to help with the upkeep. Here are some of the tools you can use to automate your outdoor gardening. If you’re looking for some tools to semi-automate your process then Secure Fix Direct may be a good option.



This is a system that uses a series of soil sensors that can communicate with a central processor. These soil sensors are called HarvestBots, and they send information to the processor which can then be sent to you through email, text, Facebook or Twitter. People who use HarvestGeek can also set schedules for things like adjusting temperature, light controls and humidity.


Bitponics Garden Monitor

Like HarvestGeek, Bitpronicst uses remote sensors to send real-time information back to a base station. However what makes this system different is that it has been specially designed for hydroponic gardens. Waterproof monitors keep check on things like water temperature and pH levels, and then this data is used to create a Grow Plan personalised to your needs. This means you can find out the best schedule for watering, lighting and more in order to enjoy the best growth cycles. This system is so advanced it can even respond to data itself, automatically adjusting things so that the entire garden is running perfectly.

Parrot Flower Power

Parrot Flower Power

The Flower Power plant monitors can be stuck next to a potted plant, where they will automatically keep track of sunlight, fertiliser, soil moisture and air temperature levels. You can choose which species of plant your Flower Power is monitoring by choosing from a database of 6,000+ plants, and then just wait to be told when to water. If you want an easy and stress-free way of finding out when to water your plants, the Flower Power could be the device for you.

The market for garden automation is steadily growing, which is great news for those of you who find it difficult to maintain yours. However, setting up these systems in the first place take time in itself, so think carefully about whether you will really make the most of them before making a final decision.

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