Celebrate Halloween - Tiny House on Wheels - Airstream Trailer

How to Celebrate Halloween if You’re Always on the Road?

For people who are fantasized by the concept of tiny house on wheels, life is an adventure every single day. So what’s the best way to celebrate Halloween when you’re always on the move? Well, you can visit some of the most haunted places across the US and satiate your lust. You could drive to Salem, MA – the place of Witch Trials, go visit The Shanghai Tunnels in Portland or maybe the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV.

According to Airstream, the avenues open up when you travel places on four-wheels with all the comforts onboard at your disposal. You could set up a campfire in a tranquil location and invite other adventure seekers to have a good time. Just imagine, narrating the most terrifying horror stories under the star-studded skies. Of course, you have the luxury of retreating back to the cozy comforts of your airstream when it gets too cold or the scary stories start to play with your mind.

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Being on the road doesn’t mean you cannot embellish your haven in Halloween decorations. You can decorate your trailer with spooky Halloween decorations and get yourself a scary costume which sets the mood right. Carve Jack-o’-lanterns or go for some basic pumpkin carvings if you lack the skills. And yes, don’t forget to prepare a delicious meal for the night of horror.

You can also become part of local parades or community celebrations in the area you might be heading to. This way you can soak your spirit in the Halloween celebrations even if you don’t have a permanent neighborhood.

Celebrate Halloween - Tiny House on Wheels - Airstream

Image: Works Family /Flickr

Celebrate Halloween - Tiny House on Wheels - Airstream Trailer

Image: Airstream 

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