How to clean waterproof flooring

How to Clean Waterproof Flooring?

Just because you have a waterproof flooring, vinyl or laminate, it doesn’t mean you can forget about its maintenance. Waterproofing provides some degree of protection but it is not absolute. There are things you have to do to protect it. Likewise, there are things you need to avoid so you don’t unwittingly damage it.

When it comes to cleaning waterproof flooring, don’t rigorously scrub the floor surface. The waterproof coating may get damaged by stress and scratching of hard cleaning equipment.

How to clean waterproof flooring?

Use low-impact cleaning techniques. Ditch the use of heavy-duty cleaners including water pressure cleaners. When vacuuming, don’t use equipment with rotating beater bars.

A standard home vacuum cleaner should be good enough to remove dust and dirt from sealed floor surfaces. Dirt that has hardened on the floor should be scraped away manually.

Cleaning tips to follow 

Use doormats

A pet’s paws or dust on your shoes can abrade and scratch vinyl floors, so you should protect the floor with carpets and doormats.

Use doormats to catch dirt even before it enters the house, but don’t forget to vacuum clean or sweep it daily to avoid dust accumulation.

Use correct cleaning tools

It’s advisable to use a soft broom to sweep vinyl flooring. If you vacuum the floor, you must turn the beater brush off. Mop the floor with damp – not dripping wet mop – since too much water can seep into the vinyl floor and damage the glue that secures it. 

You must quickly dry liquid or water that spills onto the floor from sinks or bathtubs before it stains the surface or damages the glue.

You can use a paste of baking soda and water to gently rub the floor and remove stains that may have developed over time. Rubbing alcohol can be used to remove simple stains of lipstick, ink, hair dye, etc.

Mineral spirits are appropriate to remove stains of colored markers and paint. Shampoo can be used to remove hair spray stains, and nail polish remover is good for removing nail paint stains from the vinyl flooring.

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Use mild cleaners only

Do not use abrasive cleaners, also limit the use of petroleum, mineral, and acid-based cleaning products.

Often, it’s enough to use mild detergent soap to keep your floor clean. If stains remain, apply a diluted bleach or mild cleaning solution. Don’t immediately try scratching the floor with hard or sharp objects.

Using ammonia-based cleaner can crack or break down vinyl, therefore, use products that are specially made for vinyl flooring only.

How to maintain waterproof flooring?

You know your waterproof flooring is well maintained when you are able to preserve its sheen. It’s not enough if the floor is clean –a clean floor does not necessarily look pleasant. It could be clean but with an uneven color.

Regularly sweep your floor and wipe it with a dry cloth to prevent dust and unwanted particulate matter from accumulating.

Dirt and grime that gathers on the surface, with exposure to water or moisture, can become compact and stick to the floor. Removing them would take more time and effort. 

It’s better to remove such stains while they can still be swept away or removed by regular vacuum cleaning.

If you use abrasive cleaners on the floor, you might achieve the cleansing you desire but at the expense of the floor’s aesthetics.

You need to protect, clean and maintain your waterproofed floor very carefully. Waterproofing only entails protection from water and moisture, not from harsh cleaning and disregard for the floor.

Tips to maintain waterproof flooring

  • Refrain from applying wax or any kind of protective coating on laminate or vinyl floor
  • Do not drag furniture across the floor. Use felt pads when trying to relocating furniture. This will help avoid scratches
  • Regularly trim your pet’s nails to avoid excessive scratching
  • Sweep or vacuum the floor regularly to avoid dust accumulation
  • Place high-quality walk-off mats at all entrances and doors to catch dirt, grit, and moisture. Avoid using latex or rubber mats, they can cause permanent staining on the floor. You can use rugs in high traffic areas and near kitchen sinks, or where you suspect water spills.
  • Although vinyl flooring is waterproof, it is best to avoid excessive moisture on the floor.  It’s recommended to soak up spills immediately using a dry mop or dry towel
  • Avoid direct sunlight on vinyl flooring. Using curtains and blinds in areas that are highly exposed to UV rays can help. Insulators and heating units should not be kept too close to the flooring, vinyl is vulnerable to burns
  • When moving heavy furniture or appliances, use glides or runways to prevent indentation from wheels. To prevent scratches, replace small diameter buttons/ends on furniture legs with non-staining floor protectors that have a surface no less than one-inch in diameter

Things to avoid

  • Do not use wet mops of the same saturation for removing vinyl and concrete floors
  • Never use wax or polish on laminate flooring
  • Avoid abrasive cleaners, they can dull the appearance of the flooring
  • Using curtains can also leave a thin film that dulls the surface of the flooring. Use only specified laminate floor cleaning products.
  • Steam cleaners must not be used for cleaning laminate floors. However, if you want to do this for spot cleaning, only do this by using a hand-held attachment.

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  • How to clean waterproof flooring

    How to Clean Waterproof Flooring?

    Just because you have a waterproof flooring, vinyl or laminate, it doesn’t mean you can forget about its maintenance. Waterproofing provides ...
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