How to DIY a Cardboard Air Conditioner

How to DIY a Cardboard Air Conditioner

A few hours of time and hard work can help you take your inner creativity and imagination to new heights. You just need to experiment with what you like. If you’re looking for a fun DIY project to utilize your weekend, try making an air conditioner just like the YouTuber – Creative Life – out of cardboard box catching dust in your storeroom. Using simple tools and cardboard, he has made a makeshift cardboard air conditioner (AC) that can bring the temperature down to 10ºC.

He used a homemade thermoelectric Peltier module, 12V DC fan, two heatsinks and a temperature meter to realize the cardboard AC. The cardboard frame is fastened using glue.

The rotational air vent made through cardboard slices and toothpicks allow controlling the direction of the air flow. The fan is mounted at the front of the box, with additional cardboard pieces looping the air flow to the front.  

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Powered through an AC adapter, it is a great weekend project for kids, under the guidance of someone with knowledge of electronics. 

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