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How to Infuse New Life Into Your Antique Furniture

Antique furniture can be a great way to bring a touch of refinement or uniqueness to any room. But sometimes when you get hold of an antique piece, you might notice that it is beyond the usual cleaning routine. The varnish on a dresser might have worn off, for example, or the cushions in an upholstered piece (such as a sofa) might be flattened from years of use.

Sofa seat cushions can become very flat even in new sofas, and the problem is compounded in antique sofas not only because of their age but also because of the stuffing of the material. Antique pieces made before the invention of artificial, man-made materials tended to depend on various types of wool or even straw for seat stuffing. A great way, then, to revitalize an antique sofa is a simple sofa foam replacement.

There are many options for replacing your antique sofa foam. However, unless you feel very confident in your abilities, it is best to send the sofa or the sofa cushions that need new foam to a professional restorer or upholsterer.

Using foam, you will be able to replace the stuffing in the cushions with a modern foam of appropriate thickness or density without risking any damage to the antique upholstery or compromising the appearance of the piece.

Considering not only the cost but the historical, cultural value of antique furniture, it is important to keep it maintained and restored so that it will continue to unite people with the past for years to come.

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