Make your own Arduino-powered pinball machine

Do you love pinball, and always wanted to have your own machine at home? Probably the price of a pinball machine stopped you from getting one. A better idea is to make one yourself, and DIY’er Bob Blomquist has done it already to make things easier for you. He has made an Arduino pinball machine after doing a lot of research, since this is his first project with the little computer.

For this project, Bob uses an Arduino Mega 2560 board and fitted the pinball machine parts inside a wooden case specially put together using an oak-faced plywood. He made the box extra-tough since the machine is going to take a lot of pounding from anxious players.

To make it a perfect pinball machine for one and all, he made the legs to be adjustable to toggle the speed of gameplay. It can have angle from 1-7 degree; the higher the angle, the faster the gameplay. Another reason behind designing height-adjusting legs was ambiguity about the angle he was going to need. 

All parts are purchased online, for example the flippers, slingshot, ball shooter, pop bumpers, etc. For the playing field, Bob purchased a picture from NASA and placed it on the playing field made using ¼ inch birch-faced plywood.

Bob has provided the complete build process of this Arduino pinball machine on Hackster. Head over to the build process to make one for yourself right away. Attached videos are an additional bonus.  

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