How to make snowboard table at home

Re-purposing old stuff has influenced the modern design approaches, and now this green culture is being adopted and promoted widely. You can find a lot of funky ideas to transform old things into useful products. Take the example of snowboards which are usually dumped after winters, but if you have enough creativity and time, then you can convert them into cool coffee tables in a jiffy.

Since snowboards have unique graphics printed on them, they are perfect to be transformed into attractive piece of furniture. If you own an old snowboard with eye-catchy artwork (like the one by Dennis McNett) then, reusing your snowboard as a table will be an ideal choice.

Making a snowboard table is not a tedious task at all. You will need an old snowboard, sanding paper, pencil, flat-head threaded screws with slots, nuts, washers, a hand-held drill and table legs to complete the DIY project in a flurry.

Here we have listed simple instructions that can be followed to make a cool snowboard table by yourself. Also, this DIY furniture piece can be disassembled for using as snowboard once again.  

  • The first thing you need to do is cleaning and sanding the snowboard.
  • Next step is to mark drill holes for attaching table legs and for this you need to mark locations using a pencil. Also remember to use metal drill bit if you are working on a metal snowboard .
  • At last, bolt up the table legs with threaded screws, but don’t forget to use washers. Just after you have connected the table legs, you can use it outright.

Following this method, you can build a stylish snowboard coffee table easily, and if your snowboard has unique eye-catchy graphics then, the final upcycled table will be a stand-alone centrepiece in your man cave.       

How to make a snowboard table at home

Easy to build snowboard table

Via: BoschDoIt

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