How to Optimize Your Outdoor Space

How to Optimize Your Outdoor Space

With shrinking living spaces, outdoor spaces are becoming increasingly more and more valuable to homeowners. In fact, an article by Freshome noted that outdoor living space was No. 2 preference among homebuyers with over 50 percent of buyers showing interest in outdoor spaces when searching for an ideal home. Preference for outdoor space ranks higher than factors like an open floor plan or curb appeal.

Remodeling specialists believe that outdoor spaces are becoming an ideal investment not only for current homeowners but for sellers who want to add value to their homes for a potential future sale.

With the housing market reaching bubble proportions, it might be ideal to fix up your home and outdoor space instead of buying a new one. Regardless of your prerogative, here are some tips to help you improve your outdoor space and make it the place to go for this year’s Fourth of July celebration.

Extensive landscaping updates

A survey conducted by Houzz on more than 750 US homeowners shows people are making the most of their renovated backyards. A total of 67 percent said they spend more time outside after completing a landscaping project and their investment in various elements related to outdoor upgrades allows 62 percent homeowners to enjoy their outdoor living space more than ever. Lounge and dining furniture to firepits and patio heaters are the major additions they did in order to get the most out of their spaces, despite the environmental conditions.

If you can afford it, consider investing more seriously in your landscaping as it’s one of the most important investments you can make in your home. If you’ve not a green thumb, consult a specialist who can help you narrow down design by advising what plants, flowers and trees can thrive in your location and within the space you have. You can also search through ideas online, as there are countless options, meaning something is bound to pique your interest.

Studies focused on real estate have suggested that the value of your home can be increased by as much as 20 percent simply by landscaping upgrades from poor to good.

If you are planning to put your home on the market, here are some quick tips to get the yard in shape on a budget:

  • Get your hands dirty and make the yard weed free, without using chemicals.
  • Add some plants or flowers near the entrance.
  • Mulch and edge the lawn for a clean and tidy look.
  • Keep the lawn green and mowed.
  • Rake away leaves
  • Clean faucets and bird baths
  • Trim overgrown hedges before they block sunlight or grow out of control.

Tending a garden

Growing and nurturing a beautiful garden is possible even if you have limited space. This makes a huge difference in creating a space that’s much more alluring. Depending on what you’re working with, a container garden can be a great idea. Housing your flowers and plants in pots or containers provide lots of flexibility in terms of perimeter design and aesthetics. Doing so puts you in complete control. You can change the look by simply rearranging things around. In addition to flowers and plants, you can even grow vegetables too.

Consider these tips for tending your garden:

  • Apply a top layer of mulch to garden beds.
  • Consider replacing or taking extra care of perennial plants.
  • Combine annuals into the same container to add a stunning color display to your garden or patio.
  • Create a natural barrier using containers or by trimming your garden, instead of fencing it in.

Remodeling your outdoor patio flooring

It’s important to power wash and keep up on the flooring or your deck or patio. While it’s easy to leave it as it is because it will get dirty again anyway. Having a clean and polished wooden deck could make a tremendous difference.

Adding outdoor rugs is an inexpensive way to jazz up your deck area. They can help define the perimeter of space too. Just be sure to choose one that’s meant for outdoors as it needs to be durable and lightweight.

Small landscaping upgrades

If your home didn’t come with much landscaping, or even worse, it’s basically a small patch of dirt and you can’t afford extensive landscaping, consider adding faux grass to add the feeling of a real lawn. Laying it across a defined area can make it look more realistic. You can even consider replacing much of your patio with pavers or stone for a more sophisticated look.

A stone fire pit instantly makes a place to hang out during the winters and it’s a great addition to a small yard. Even small investments like a birdbath or birdhouse make your outdoor space look much more inviting and beautiful.

Introduce lighting

While you may already have a porch light for your outdoor space, it’s probably not setting the “mood.” You can easily do that by introducing more lighting. Lighting can have a major impact on the perception of the space, making it seem larger than it really is. String lights are great as they’re incredibly versatile and can be used with many different space sizes and styles. Some people opt for tiki torches while others prefer lanterns; it’s mostly up to your taste.

Account for space

Striking a balance between open and intimate patio space is a tricky job. Use perimeter seating and tables to establish boundaries and set up lanes for foot traffic. Having an open deck provides the perfect spot for family and friends to chill out on a summery day.

Purchase multipurpose furniture

Most of your outdoor seating will be impromptu, with a few cushions shoved in an armless or folding chair to provide an area to relax. But providing a flat surface like a coffee table or ottoman is another important addition for guests to put down their items and eat off of.

Optimizing your outdoor space is all about creating a comfortable environment for you and friends to enjoy on your day off. It’s also meant to provide an intimate setting where you can unwind after a hard day of work. Make your outdoor space a place where people want to be, especially you and your family.

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