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How to turn a washing machine drum into a fire pit

A glass of wine or two with your friends would be more enjoyable while you toast your toes on a wintry night. You can, of course, buy a fire pit that costs you about $100 or even more depending on its size and quality. How about designing a fire pit for yourself that won’t cost you more than $10? Here is a beautiful example of how a duo, Sarah and Joe from San Francisco, created a beautiful fire pit by recycling an old washing machine drum. Their cool DIY project took them not more than an hour and by the end of the day they had a cylindrical fire pit boasting a sophisticated hole pattern in their backyard. If you too are allured by the idea, then read ahead to follow the instructions and get an excellent fire pit that can be used throughout the year. Don’t forget to scroll through the gallery.

Before starting, collect everything that will be required, including a recycled washing machine drum, which you can purchase at any used appliance store for about $10, an angle grinder, cup wire brush, cut- off wheel, flap wheel sanding disc, safety glasses, angle stock and flat-stock steel and a high heat paint of any color you like. After putting these things together, proceed with the instructions below:

Step 1: strip the plastic from the rim and base of the drum, and clean off the dirt.

Step 2: If you want, you can remove the center spindle.

Step 3: You may or may not cut off the metal lip. Removing it will provide a neat look at the top. After you cut the top lip, smoothen any metal burrs or jagged edges with the flapper-wheel.

Step 4: Remove the soap scum with wire brush.

Step 5: Make small steel legs to keep your pit above the ground. You can also fabricate tiny square tabs to prevent the legs from sinking into the ground.

Step 6: Finally, paint the fire pit using the high heat paint with a color of your choice. Let it dry, and you have a pretty upcycled fire pit all made by yourself.

Via: CoolMaterial/House&Fig

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