Hungarian converts an abandoned Ikarus bus into an office pod

Creating an office environment could be a challenge for those who work from home. A small office pod is one great design conception that is meant to remove unwanted nuisance created by kids, pets, or housework during work. And obviously, owing a beautiful prefabricated home office would cost you a fortune but if you have brains and a little environmental approach, then its not going to cost you more than a few bucks. Here is a very good example of similar innovative creation that shows man’s mindfulness and obsession for pod living. We have a Hungarian DIYer to thank for our astonishments who converted an abandoned bus manufactured by Hungarian company Ikarus into a small office pod.

DIYer recycled the front part of the bus into a functional piece of art that is one-of-a-kind and aesthetically beautiful at the same time. He wisely upcycled half of the old bus into a small office pod and replaced the dashboard with a curvy computer desk to further its functionality.

Via: Dornob

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