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Husband-wife duo builds wooden hut for travelling meditators at Lama Foundation

Wooden hut

Next time when you are at the Lama Foundation, the site of hippie community in New Mexico made spiritually famous by Ram Dass, author of ‘Be here Now,’ you could be able to stay in tiny wooden hut made especially for the travelling meditators. Designed and created by husband and wife duo of Stephen Eckert and Jade Polizzi on the behest of the community elders, the log hut is sustainably built and really comfortable. Made for the cost of $11,000 in about six weeks, the huts are a combined effort of Eckert, Polizzi and their 16 students from the University of Colorado-Boulder.   

Wooden hut

The 100 sq ft hut is built on a mountain ridge in the Lama Foundation’s campus without attached bathroom. Bathroom is built some 500 yards from the hut through the pine trees. The walls of the cottage and the bed built inside are made from Coloradan Beetle-kill wood, while knobs and hooks (made to hang stuff) are made from locally sourced wood. The post on the front porch are made of fallen Juniper trees in the campus. The sustainable hat has been built in a manner that it gets plenty of natural light. For the nights, the hut features simple Edison bulbs. Within the hut there is a wooden bench at the entrance and a folding desk, which doubled as a wooden box on the wall.

Wooden hut

Wooden hut

Via: Houzz

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