iBright LLC Gun Alarm: Shoot your way out of bed with accuracy


Alarm clocks sell dime a dozen, it isn’t difficult to find an alarm clock for your needs. There are alarm clocks that can wake you from deep slumber. And then there are alarm clocks that wake you with some fun. iBright LLC Gun Alarm is from the latter lot. The Gun Alarm is for all lazybones, who don’t want to move a bit to snooze or turn off the alarm. With the Gun Alarm, you can simply fire the clock with infrared shooting gun at a distance of up to 18-feet. The recordable clock lets you stuff it with different sound effects, so you can wake up to your favorite tunes.


The iBright LLC Gun Alarm is available in two game modes – the reaction tester and accuracy tester. While one lets you shot once to deactivate the alarm, the other requires you to fire five shots to deactivate. I’m sure most of us would need to shoot five times, once isn’t good enough to wake our lazy bones. Available at Amazon for $33.43, the Gun Alarm clock makes for a perfect Christmas gift!

Via: BonjourLife

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