Icecle by Giovanni Busseti

Icecle by Giovanni Busetti is wooden ice-lolly that grows fruit trees

Italian designer Giovanni Busetti came up with a novel idea of motivating people to plant more trees with wooden ice-lolly sticks. The Icecle is mouthwatering and innovative wooden ice-lolly stick, which is embedded with a fruit-tree seed. Its wooden stick can be planted in the ground to a grow tree.

Currently the popsicle is available in four mouth-watering seed variants i.e. strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and kiwi. After finishing the ice-lolly, one can simply plant the wooden stick in the garden. The whole project is based on simple give and take policy- we take everything from the nature and never give back anything, but by planting these popsicle sticks Busetti is giving chance to everyone to contribute something back to the nature.

A Bioplastic material is used outside the stick to keep the seeds safe and secure from the customers. To create planting process easy, you need to simply plant the stick in the garden without exterior mediation like cutting and grafting. Then, just regular watering will help he plant to grow slowly. The icecle is also comes with a mobile application to update people on the status of their plants.

The icicle is even a good option for kids to learn more about planting and caring for the nature. It is an innovative way of bringing back people to think and care about the Mother Nature. So grab your favorite flavored ice cream, but don’t forget to plant one tree for yourself.

Icecle by Giovanni Busseti

Wooden stick with a fruit-tree seed

Icecle by Giovanni Busseti

The simplest way to grow plants

Icecle by Giovanni Busseti

Icecle is available in four flavours i.e. strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and kiwi

Icecle by Giovanni Busseti

The mouthwatering ice-lolly with fruit seed.

Via: DesignIndaba

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