Fort Standard Ico Bottle Opener

Ico bottle opener is 3D printed geometric and practical implement

Are you not happy with your average key chain cap popper? If yes, then you surely need to look at the intriguing Ico Bottle Opener by Brooklyn-based design studio Fort Standard. It is made from 3D printed bronze that’s shaped into beautiful geometric pattern, pioneering possibilities of metal frameworks.

The complex design features about 20 facets on the icosahedron and each one functions as a bottle opener. It consists of three sides, which means there are total 60 bottle openers in this one implement. This a fun accessory that reflects playfulness through its rudimentary geometric form.

Besides serving as a cap popper, this beautiful object can also be used as a decorative tabletop item. You would surely not want to hide it away from your sight. It will surely become a tiny statement piece – whether you keep it on your home bar counter, kitchen countertop, dining table or on any other end table in your living room.

Ico bottle opener is both aesthetic and practical tool, which is ideal for those who keep looking for some unusual objects for their collection. You can even gift it to some who loves to have beer every now or then. It can be purchased it online $70.

Fort Standard Ico Bottle Opener

Its three sides consists of total 60 bottle openers

Fort Standard Ico Bottle Opener

Made from 3D printed bronze

Fort Standard Ico Bottle Opener

3D printed geometric design

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