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This Full-Sized Voice-Activated Smart Mirror Streams Music

Ever since CES has come into inception, the focus has been on enhancing user experience by introducing customers to modern technology and gadgets. Heading towards a smart future, where television, handsets or watches are all AI-controlled and every ragtag and bobtail is equipped with Amazon Alexa and Google voice assistant, why leave the mirror as an exception.

ICON.AI, a prominent smart mirror maker has unveiled a new smart mirror dubbed as Sound Mirror at CES 2022. Providing a cognitive awareness to your mirror that was previously considered inanimate, the Sound Mirror comes as a voice-activated acoustic mirror. We might have seen a plethora of full-sized bathroom mirrors before, but boasting a smart speaker with a sleek and minimal design is something that makes this hands down one of the best we have seen so far.

The mirror is available in a circle or horseshoe design with four custom color options: Gold, Chrome, Matt Black, and Matt White. Designed keeping minimalism in mind, it is akin to a traditional mirror that can be kept in any room but is most suited for the bathroom. 

Moving on to the tech part, being Bluetooth compatible and featuring AI assistant and smart home capabilities, the mirror would also broadcast several podcasts, radio and keep you updated with weather updates. Sound Mirror connects with Alexa and plays room-filling audio. So you need not do some bathroom singing now rather the mirror will stream room-filling music wirelessly from your mobile devices, while you enjoy a hot bath. Sound Mirror is IPX6-rated, which makes it virtually waterproof so you need not worry about touching it with wet hands.

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The mirror takes minutes to set up and can be controlled by the accompanying app. While most installations will position that grill at the base, Sound Mirror can be installed within a vertical configuration as well. Unfortunately, ICON.AI mirror has not included lights in the acoustic mirror which is a letdown if compared with the smart lighted mirror Verdera launched by Kohler a few years back.

Sound Mirror ™ by ICON.AI


Sound Mirror ™ by ICON.AI_4


Sound Mirror ™ by ICON.AI_3


Sound Mirror ™ by ICON.AI_1

Image: ICON.AI

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