Ideas for a light and airy living room

A fresh, airy living room is something that everyone wants, especially now that spring is here. But it is not always an easy effect to get right. You need to have an eye for detail and preempt the look. However, you can always do with a few smart tips. Here are some ideas to make sure your living room has that springtime feeling all year round.

Colors and themes

For every corner of your living room, it is important to coordinate the right colors. Spring freshness is all about light, airy pastel shades that evoke sun, sea, sky and the great outdoors.

A nautical theme is a perfect way to achieve this, through clever use of faded blues and yellows on a white background. And it is a look that is always fashionable and contemporary.

Windows and doors

Natural sunlight is an essential component to a fresh and cheerful ambience, so make the most of every source at your disposal. Consider getting rid of those heavy winter curtains and replacing them with some modern wooden shutters. Complete the look by choosing matching internal doors in a light wood finish. Alternatively, full or part glazed doors make the room feel even more light and spacious.


Of course, not every living room is blessed with immense amounts of natural light. If this is the case for you, don’t despair, as there are plenty of other tricks to achieve the effect you are looking for. The first place to look is down, at the floor beneath your feet.

A white floor cannot fail to make the room feel light and airy, and if you are going for a tiled finish, there is no better color to choose. If you have carpets, then you might think twice about anything too light, particularly if there are children and pets around, but always remember that a good carpet shampooer can handle just about anything your family can throw at it!

Light wooden laminate flooring can also add a clean, fresh feeling to your living room, and is easy to keep clean.

If you use rugs, avoid anything with a heavy or intricate pattern. Braided rugs in pastel shades are always a good choice.


Light pastel colors provide the perfect springtime feeling and blend in well with other colors in the room. If you are using wallpaper, go for a neutral, light base color with some large bright patterns.

Soft furnishings

Use light fabrics on your furniture – faded denim produces that natural coastal look and pure cotton and linen are always good choices.

You can never have too many cushions for a comfortable, informal feeling, and the added benefit of these is you can always have extra covers to suit any season. Or maybe your every mood!

Finishing touches

A few knick knacks and accessories can provide the finishing touches. Stick with the light wood theme, and consider glass detailing too. For example, glass topped occasional or coffee tables are unobtrusive and add to the impression of space.

With these nifty tricks, you can really make your living room airy and infused with the spirit of the spring season.

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