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Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster lets you roast beans at push of a button

You may have automatic coffee maker at home, but what if you could take the coffee beans experience to whole new level by roasting your own joe beans? On roasting your own green coffee beans at home, you get complete control of your desired coffee flavor. So to enhance flavor of your fresh cuppa joe, the latest Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster is here with smartphone connectivity.

It comes with a smartphone app that supports both Android and iOS devices, enabling you to access variety of recipes as per your taste. You can also tweak air flow, temperature and length of the roasting process for perfectly roasted beans. All you need to do is simply put unroasted beans into the machine and wait for 3 to 10 minutes for them to finish. You can even keep track of the roasting process from beginning to end on your mobile app.

Moreover, the app also allows you to share your success stories with friends on Facebook, Twitter or Ikawa’s own online forum. The project has successfully surpassed its initial target of about £80,000 (approx. US $123,320) on Kickstarter; however 20 days are still left for the campaign to get over. Worldwide shipping is expected to begin from February 2016, but this smart coffee roasting machine doesn’t come cheap, as you need to shell out at least $680 for preordering.

Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster

With Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster, you get complete control of your coffee flavor in your hands

Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster

Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster comes with smartphone connectivity

Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster

The mobile app enables you to access variety of recipes as per your taste

Ikawa Home Coffee Roaster

Put unroasted beans into the machine and wait for 3 to 10 minutes to get perfectly roasted beans

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