IKEA Launching Affordable and Powerful FÖRNUFTIG Air Purifier Soon

IKEA to Launch Affordable, Powerful FÖRNUFTIG Air Purifier Soon

Clean indoor air is essential for any home and people are getting more concerned about it in the ongoing pandemic. Swedish retailer IKEA, well known for its affordable home furnishings. is also looking to offer its customers a brand-new accessory that will help clean indoor air. In a step to this effort, the company is launching FÖRNUFTIG air purifier.

Henrik Telander, Product Owner at IKEA of Sweden explained “air purifiers aren’t a viable option for most people, in particular not for those living in small spaces. With this in mind, we optimized the air purifier for about 10-square-meters, using less material in a smarter way, which enabled us to lower the price.”

FÖRNUFTIG air purifier has a pre-filter that removes big particles such as hair and dust, as well as a filter to remove smaller airborne particles such as dust and pollen down to PM2.5 (particle size 2.5um) and another filter for gas cleaning that purifies the air from various gaseous pollutants such as VOC’s and formaldehyde, and reduces unpleasant odors such as from smoking and cooking.

The IKEA air purifier is designed to be easy-to-use. You can simply start it by turning the dial to the wanted fan speed based on the activity in the home. Depending on the fan speed, it consumes 2.5W-19W of power that will ensure a low running cost for customers.

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With the new FÖRNUFTIG air purifier, IKEA wants to offer people an affordable and powerful way to clean indoor air at home. It will be first launched in China mainland in November 2020, and rolled-out in other IKEA markets starting from February 2021.


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