IKEA mushroom packaging

IKEA ponders on eco-friendly mushroom packaging instead of polystyrene

Swedish retail furniture firm IKEA is planning to opt eco-friendly mushroom packaging, to replace the use of polystyrene and non-biodegradable packaging materials that is complicated to recycle.

According to Joanna Yarrow, head of sustainability for IKEA in UK, the flat-pack furniture house is looking at using biodegradable “fungi packaging” to reduce waste and increase recycling. In addition, opting for alternative measures will help the company to replace polystyrene packaging with mycelium.

Mycelium-a vegetative part of fungus that helps to break down waste, can easily be manipulated into range of sizes and densities. The giant furniture house, which has promised to adopt series of changes by 2020, is looking for alternative that will boost communities and the environment, thus making it ideal for packaging and containers.

The company which plans to invest £755 million into renewable energy for poor communities, has also recently launched vegetarian meatballs as an eco-friendly option, because of their concern over the greenhouse gas emissions due to beef and pork production.

The IKEA spokesperson has also confirmed that they are interested to work with companies like Ecovative, a which invented the mushroom-based material in 2001 and has customers like computer giant Dell and luxury home furnishing retailer Crate & Barrel

IKEA with the aim to impart positive impact on people and planet is committed to reduce the use of fossil-based material and increase recycled and renewable materials.

Via: Telegraph

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